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Our Team

Who We Are

Shawn Guttman
Founder & CEO


"I'm just trying to do some good in the world." A graduate of Reichman University's MA program in Diplomacy and Conflict Studies, Shawn is an idealist who looks for pragmatic ways to help make the world we all deserve. His latest kick is exploring how to transform technological advancements from the business world into peace building tools, leading to the creation of Project Didi. He lives in an educators' kibbutz of the Dror Israel movement in Israel.

Gabe Freund
Founder & CCO

Gabe is an educator at heart and this is the perspective that he brings to getting Project Didi’s message out. With over 15 years experience in NGOs and grassroots peacebuilding efforts, Gabe is perfectly suited for his role. Gabe has a B.A. in Language and Linguistics from Haifa University and is Board Chairman of Pathways Institute for Negotiation Education. 


Keren Dinur-Winter
Head of Research


Keren is a researcher in the field of peace processes and conflict studies. She is a PHD candidate in the Department of Political Science at the Hebrew University, the recipient of the Hebrew University President's Outstanding Doctorate Grant and a researcher at the Truman Institute for Promotion of Peace. She graduated with a B.A degree from the Department of Political Science and History at the Hebrew University, and an M.A from the outstanding students program "Telem" of the Department of Political Science, both of which she graduated with honors. Finally, Keren combines the world of research with the world of group facilitation of multicultural and Jewish-Palestinian groups. Keren's research and practices focus on strategies of peace processes and temporal aspects of peace initiatives, with a special focus on the case study of the conflict in Northern Ireland.

Guy Mor-Lan
Head of Technological Development

Guy is a computational social scientist, specializing in machine learning and natural language prediction models. He is a PhD candidate at Hebrew University in Political Science, with his thesis on deep learning analysis of factual reporting in large-scale newspaper corpora. He is currently the Lead NLP Algorithms Researcher at the Political Discourse Monitoring Lab at the Hebrew University. Guy brings with him the experience and technological know-how to design and lead the development of our tech.

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